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About Us: Our Collection Agency

"Accountability, Control, and Service"

At Accredited Collection Solutions, LLC, we engage skip-searching and personal searches for receivables, large and small. ACS delegates matters to collection attorneys only upon the exhausting of all collection avenues, and only with the written approval of you, the client. We gladly provide, tailor, and monitor debtor payment plans. Best of all, we'll pay you within 15 days of the end of each month, and don't hold onto your money. As soon as we reconcile our monthly ledger of accounts, our staff electronically delivers the reports, and you get paid.

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What We Do

  • We serve the medical, health care, property management, financial, and leasing community. Plus, we resolve collection issues for residential and commercial customers.
  • We provide the most advanced collection techniques available, including the use of National Change of Address ("NCOA") information, the Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA"), skip-tracking, and other advanced debtor tracking techniques.
  • We restore degrees of revenues by delegating to seasoned collection professionals, the management, and the collection of delinquent accounts.
  • We rely upon the most advanced debt collector software available to organize your delinquent accounts and to track debtors, their location, and their assets.
  • We offer you a percentage and do not bill on uncollected debts. We do not charge a setup fee or postage.



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